Our Pastors

The POL team currently consists of ten youth pastors who all have a passion to see this next generation follow God. Listed below is all our pastors organized by the district they serve in. David Carranza and Hosanna Motu serve as the Directors of the POL youth ministry.

District 7

District 6

District 5

District 4

District Seven

David Ocasio

David Ocasio, 25 years of age. I am a Mexican and Puerto Rican from Alameda California.  I turned to God as a youth at 17 years old and God has rescued me from a life of Juvenile incarceration and alcohol and drug addiction.  I Am a Married man, Happily married since December 27th 2015.  I am dedicated to educating youth about the Word of God and the realities of the consequences of sin and rebellion.  My mission is to impact the culture and allow God to set the standard for what "COOL" means.


Brunette Paul 

Her nickname is "Baba", she was born and raised in Miami, FL. After graduating high school on June 4, 2013, she moved to Oakland, CA to follow the call of God over her life. She attends SUM Bible College and expected to graduate June 4, 2016 with her BA in Biblical Studies and a Global Missions concentration. Baba observed intensely at the Points of Light program since her freshman year of college. She took every opportunity to willingly serve and volunteer at the many events POL provided. Her last year at SUM, she interned with POL and knew God was preparing her to fulfill the call as a youth pastor. As a young, Haitian American, and single Woman of God, she has broken so many radical sterotypes because she knew her identity. She is chosen. She is a daughter of the Most Faithful and Sovereign King.

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District Six

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Hosanna Motu 

Hosanna was born and raised in Hawaii until the age of 14 and moved with her family to the Bay Area, California in 2002. After high School, Hosanna went to attend the School of Urban Mission and Theological Seminary with a focus on Global Missions. It was not until her 2nd year in college, she responded to God’s call to the city of Oakland working with the Points of Light Ministry. Hosanna  currently oversees  the discipleship pillars in Points of Light and continues to serve the youth as her 8th year in ministry approaches. Her mission is to see youth transform their lives to be sold out disciples for Christ.


Daniel Moreno

Daniel is from Porterville, California and has always had a heart for the youth since he made the decision to follow Christ himself. He is now a third year at The School Of Urban Missions and is going for his B.A to become a youth pastor. Daniel has already started this journey to be a youth pastor and is serving as a Points Of Light Baun/Youth pastor here in Oakland California, Ministering to the urban inner city youth.




David Carranza

David was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the Inland Empire. After high school he attended California State University at San Bernardino (CSUSB) as an art major. It wasn’t until his sophomore year at CSUSB when he realized the holy calling on his life. December of 2010 David finished his last quarter at CSUSB and left his job to fulfill the calling God placed on his life. David attended and graduated from School of Urban Missions in Oakland with his BA in Biblical Studies. He has now been a POL youth pastor for four years.

District Five

Erwin Garcia

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Jonathan Fuentes 

Jonathan was born and raised in San bernardino, CA. Jonathan was raised by two amazing God fearing parents that helped him and his six sisters in their walk with God. At the age of eighteen, Jonathan obeyed God by leaving his job, friends and family to attend SUM Bible college in Oakland, CA and equip his pastoral calling. In 2013, During Jonathan's' second year of Bible college  He Joined the points of light ministry. Till this day which is almost four years, Jonathan has seen God move in his life as a youth pastor with a heart to disciple the youth of Oakland. Jonathan will also be graduating with a Masters degree in Christian leadership on June 4, 2006. 

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District Four


Pastor Brian  one of the longest Youth Pastor in Points of Light, serving more then eight years now. He came all the way from Michigan and came to Oakland, Ca by the call of God to see revival in the schools of Oakland and though Prayer. He is a gifted young man of God, with a passion for filming, acting direction, mentoring, opening up Bible clubs, raising up youth leaders, developing their dreams and talents and so much more. He is also a loving husband to is lovely wife Ann, who truly is God's sent gift. Together they are a powerful couple that is being used by God to advance the Kingdom.