Krislyn Cox

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Krislyn grew up in Cupertino, CA.  She came to the School of Urban Missions in 2008 and graduated with a degree in Youth Ministry in 2011. She joined Points of Light in early January of 2011 with the intention of discipling youth but God has different plans about her reasons for joining.  For many years parents who had youth active in Points of Light wanted a place for their younger children to go.  The idea was brought to Krislyn by the Chairman of the Points of Light Board and the Chancellor of SUM, George Neau.  Mighty Blaze was born in July of 2011 with 17 kids and has grown to over 100 kids attending every single Saturday.  Mighty Blaze is not just a vision to Krislyn, it has become a passion to bring kids and their families into a loving relationship with Jesus.  Her favorite part of the ministry is visitations.  She prays before each day of visits that God would send her to the kids that need her the most so she can play, encourage, and love them with God’s love.

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Lilly Thompson 

Originally from North Carolina, Lilly moved cross country to attend SUM Bible College in the Fall of 2011. Starting out as just a practicum student for Mighty Blaze, God stretched her heart and compassion to reach out and minister to the children of Oakland. In June 2012 Lilly officially became a part of the Mighty Blaze. Her favorite thing about Mighty Blaze is showing kids that living life with Jesus brings so much freedom, acceptance, and love that all other things are dull in comparison.