Krislyn Cox || Executive Director 

Krislyn was raised in Cupertino, CA.  At the age of 13 she started going on missions trips to inner cities in CA which eventually spread to NY as well.  She developed a passion for ministry at a very young age.  On one of these trips she heard about SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary and it matched what she longed to do with her life.  She applied, got in, and started school 6 weeks later.  2 ½ years into school she felt God calling her to Points of Light and she got a chance to start Mighty Blaze a few months later.  After 6 years in the ministry, in January 2017, she became the Executive Director of both Points of Light and Mighty Blaze.

50-100 Words - What defining moment marked your pursuit in stepping into your calling?

I was on a missions trip and answered an altar call for people who felt like they were called to more than just a nine day missions trip. God spoke to me so clearly about going to Bible college. 2 1/2 years later, at the altar again, I felt God nudging me to jump into ministry. I knew it was God because there was so much fear on my end met by so much undeniable peace from God in those moments.

Fun Fact People May Not Know: One of my bucket list dreams is to drive car on a professional race track one day!

Funny Thing About You: My thumbs are different sizes.  I always thought it was some sort of accident that made one smaller than the other until I did research and found out I have a club thumb. I didn’t even know I had had it all of my life!

Quote About Ministry: “The most precious thing we ever handle is the human soul.”  -Leonard Ravenhill