Burnett Paul || POL Pastor 

Burnett (also known as her childhood nickname “Baba”)  was born and raised in Miami, FL and after graduating high school in 2013, she moved to Oakland, CA to follow the call of God on her life. She attended SUM Bible College and obtained her BA in Biblical Studies in 2016. Baba observed intensively at Points of Light in her freshman year of college. She took every opportunity to willingly serve and volunteer at the many events POL provided. Her last year at SUM, she interned with POL and knew God was preparing her to fulfill the call as a youth pastor. As a young, Haitian American, and single Woman of God, she has broken so many radical stereotypes because she knew her identity. She is chosen. She is the daughter of the Most Faithful and Sovereign King.

50-100 Words - What defining moment marked your pursuit in stepping into your calling?

I was alone in a room, in the dark crying out to God about my family, finances, and fears. I told Him that I would not leave this room if I could not hear what He wanted from me. It was months before receiving my BA in Biblical Studies. I've been called, I've been chosen. I left my hometown, I've been to many conferences, had plenty of prophetic words spoken over me. I had desires and options set in place. But those 3 F’s haunted me into stepping into my calling. We could even through failure in the mist of events. Psalms 46:10 (Be still, and know that I am God) was the only thing holding me together. And in a way, that's all I needed. I knew that God will use me tremendously wherever He set me to go. And I will forever be committed to His will, His desires, and His strength to move through me.

Fun Fact People May Not Know: I am the first generation American in my family. The generations before me were from Haiti. Also, English was my third language I learned.

Funny Thing About You: I will always introduce myself saying, “Hi my name is Burnett, but you can call me Baba!”

Quote About Ministry: People don't care about what you know until they truly know how much you care.