Brian Webster|| POL Pastor 

Brian Webster has been at POL for 8 years, making me the longest standing team member. I came to Oakland all the way from Michigan  to fulfill the call of God to see revival in the middle and high schools of Bay Area come to Christ and though a huge prayer movement. I am a gifted young man of God, with a passion for filming, acting direction, mentoring, opening up Bible clubs, rising up youth leaders, developing their dreams and talents and so much more. Also, a loving husband to my amazing, lovely wife Ann, who truly is God's sent gift. Together we are a powerful couple that is being used by God to advance the Kingdom.

I went to an event called Acquire the Fire by Teen Mania Ministries.  This is where God spoke to me and placed a passion in my heart to reach the youth in this generation at all cost. From there I went to Tyler, Tx to join an internship called the Honor Academy where God spoke to me about my calling to be evangelist Youth Pastor, to bring revival to Northern CA, to reach the schools for Christ and so much more.  This came through fasting for three days as I heard clarity on where God was leading me in my path. From there I placed everything that God as spoken over my life and where I needed to go and SUM with Points of Light line up with where God was leading me.

Fun Fact People May Not Know:

I love directing videos and making films

I enjoy going to comic cons and video game tournaments and a nerd at heart

I have meet a lot of celebrities in my life

Texas Roadhouse is my favorite restaurant

I am working on a 2 comic books series

I love to learn and read on many different topics and areas of life and ministry

Funny Thing About You:

-I have to say I’m just a funny natural person all around, I have a habit of being myself and just making people laugh quite often at good healthy things.

Quote About Ministry:

A heart that is tangible, broken, and humble is a powerful weapon in God’s hand

-Your calling has to do with what who you are called to be and what you are called to do.

“The enemy is behind us, the enemy is in front of us, the enemy is left and right of us, this time the enemy can’t get away.

-As Christians we are the baddest things on earth, all of Heaven is backing us up.