Alina Fa’aola || POL Pastor 

Alina was born & raised in Hacienda Heights, California and moved to Oakland in 2012 to attend bible college.

In 2013, she was offered the Head Coach position at Castlemont High School, where she began building a new volleyball program as a means of evangelism. Upon graduating college, Alina began working on staff at Castlemont as a Community Relations Specialist & shortly after, decided to join the Points of Light team as a youth pastor to intentionally disciple the students she builds relationships with in the public high schools. Her favorite things to do are critiquing taco trucks in Oakland, having quality conversations with anyone & everyone over coffee, and writing.

50-100 Words - What defining moment marked your pursuit in stepping into your calling?

Fun Fact People May Not Know About You: I AM PART MEXICAN! Best of both worlds: Pacific Islander & Latina :)

Funny Thing About You:

My motivation to lose weight is to be at a skydive-able weight so I don't have to pay the “$1 every pound over the weight limit” fee

Quote About Ministry: “Sons (& daughters) [of God] don’t burn out, slaves do. Thus, our work must flow from our sonship & our love for God, not just to fulfill our religious duty”

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