Aaron De La Torre || POL Pastor 

This is the one and only A-aron! He is originally from southern california, he is 24 years old and never ages! He is a graduate from the class of 2015 from SUM Bible College and Theological seminary with the major in Pastoral Ministry. He is anointed and appointed by God and is very handsome! He has a heart to reach kids not only in his district but also in the oakland school district through serving and teaching about the goodness and life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. A-aron has been serving under mighty blaze for almost 4 years now and continues to remain faithful in what God has called him to do.

My defining moment was right after i had graduated from High School, i still remember when i told God that after i finish school i will commit my life to him and then about 2 months later i knew i was called to pursue ministry in Oakland. I then begin to pursue college as well as the calling over my life.

Fun Fact People May Not Know: My greatest hobby is washing my car!

Funny Thing About You: I will never turn down chik-fil-a!

Quote About Ministry: “Children are not a distraction from more important work they are the most important work.”-C.S. Lewis